Sweeter than candy



posted by on May 21st, 2012

I’m Michele LeAnn, I’m 26, I’m from Oklahoma, but I reside in upstate New York, I’m slowly adjusting to life on the east coast, after 25 years of sweet tea and southern hospitality, I’m easily amused, I’m inquisitive, my favorite color is pink, I’m obsessed with music, I’m a loving person, I’m hoping to return to school soon, for English I want to someday teach bratty teenagers to love writing the same way I do, all the while writing countless best sellers myself, I’m in a relationship with an amazing guy named Chris, I mention him often, I’m a good cook, I’m a poet, I’m creative, I’m quirky, I’m ditzy, I’m into trying and sharing new recipes, I’m obsessed with couponing, I love sharing my money saving tips, and overall I’m kind of amazing.

*DISCLAIMER: I receive payment for featuring ads on this website.

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