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Can I get off the roller coaster now?

posted by on July 28th, 2014

Wow, long time no blog, huh? Life has been so hectic lately, it hasn’t really slowed down long enough for me to form any thoughts to even put into a blog. So what have I been up to? Working mostly, a bit of quality time with the pup, some Spanish studying, a little breaking up with my boyfriend of two years (let’s not get into that). So yeah, you can imagine just how busy I have been.

I’m going insane, there are so many things I need to be doing, and all I really want to do is nothing. I want to bury my head under the covers and tell the whole world to please kindly go fuck off. I’m not really sure what to think of myself these days. I’m trying to be optimistic about everything, but I’m beginning to realize just how alone I really am. I’m the only one that can fix this mess of a life, and that’s a big burden for one person.

But I’ll get through it, I always do. I have goals and ambition, and now that I don’t have anyone else to worry about I can focus on working on myself. All these big dreams my friends are so sick of hearing about? Well, I’m going to finally be able to make them come true for myself. Enough talking, time to start walking.


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